Summer People

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I got sand between my toes and beach tar on my feet
And my air conditioner don't work in this late august heat
I got a top forty radio song stuck in my head
Can't shake it loose can't get myself out of bed
And I'm tired of the tv news think I'll read a book instead

I been waitin' tables all summer at this place on the strip
Bustin' all kinds of business for two bucks and tips
I got a long list of reasons and a very short fuse
A half pack of cigarettes and a room full of blues
And I'm tired of these summer people with their summer tattoos

I know you don't wanna hear it but I'm telling you now
'Cause I think somebody's got to come clean
About this whole thing somehow
You say you were only tryin' to get yourself free
Don't mean nothin' as far as I can see
You ain't no better than them the way you walked out on me

I think I'm callin' it quits I think I've had enough
Of people leaving their messes for me to clean up
I'm gonna take a vacation go somewhere in the snow
I'm tired of the sun and the top forty radio
And I'm tired of these summer people
Wish they'd all just go home

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