Ashes You Leave

Summer's End

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Is this human nature
Are we designed this way
To be unhappy, so uncertain
To live in fear every day
Yet in the affairs of the heart we dwell naïve
So childishly gullible and willing to forgive
And when we’re left with nothing but the choking pain
We hope it will be washed away by the autumn rain

If i could only
Find a reason to carry on
Not to remain lonely
When the burden inside weights a ton
Than i could only
Give this wretched life a try
Deny only
If you think this is a lie

You still linger and brood over your misery
But the only emotion you inspire is sympathy

So play me a mellow tune
Give me a darker rhyme
Let’s make this a sad one
This is a lovelorn time

Summers end...

We were nothing but actors
In this nightmare play
The trees are removing their cloaks
The autumn is here to stay

Summers end...

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