Los Lonely Boys

Tell me why

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We've been together for years
You for me and me for you, my dear
It seems you're changing your song
Your tune is flat and all the words are wrong
Please tell me why
You never acted like this
You never messed with my confidence
(turned away from my kiss)
Who am I with, I can't tell
Our life was good but now its something else
So tell me why
Why do you hurt me the way that you do
That's not fair, I wouldn't do it to you
Our bed's so cold and smothered in lies
Oh why?!

porque te portas asi ?
porque me echaste mentiras a mi ?
Me duele en el corazon
Me duele mucho con una pasion
Dime porque ?

Autor(es): Henry Garza / JoJo Garza / Phil Roy / Ringo Garza