Summer Snow

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Dying to believe
strong enough to bury me
Walking through the leaves
falling back to stare at me
Tonight you'll see
a shimmer up above you
hollow branches just to love you
Taking measurements
to fit me in your day
Can't remember who it is
you need inside
Sugar put it all on black and let it ride
Your specialty is tiled in Lincoln tunnel
Underwater in a bubble
Flattened penniless
but brighter than the day
Double sapphire
summer snow tonight
Jungle stars start swirling
round your head
Predatory Figurine
standing still and being mean
when loving vines are blankets
in your bed
Picking up the pieces
with out taking them.
Understand if you can't save this
no one can.
Hushing through the door a tiny spider
Climbing softly not to bite her
Ghosts watch us undress
but somehow that's ok
Cloning David Bowie
without asking him
Getting sent to jail
in Ziggy Stardust skin
Tonight you'll be
the shimmer up above me
Sending rockets up to love me
Taking measurements
to fit me in your day

Autor(es): Rachel Flotard / Visqueen