Bill Anderson

Summer Sun

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On the last day of Christmas I start thinking about the summer son
The beauty of the roses the sweet song of the robin
The warmth of the yellow summer sun
And the two of us together running through the meadow
Laughing making mem'ries having fun
It's a long way back to winter and the plane that came from Denver
Bringin' you to spend the summer son with your daddy to spent the summer son
This year we're gonna catch that big ole fish we saw swimming through the stream
We'll fly your kite and ride your bike maybe camp out overnight
And I'll take you to a Big League baseball game
And hopefully we'll have some time to talk about what's on your mind
And maybe I can even help you some
For I was once a boy your age and you're goin' through that special stage
Where you need your dad a lot this summer son
And I'll be there just like the summer sun
Like so many single fathers I live just to see the summer sun
Just being with my little man helpin' you to understand
Who you are and what you can become
Broken homes aren't easy but think about it this way
You've got two homes where you've loved instead of one
So be a good boy don't you cry and tell your mama I said hi
I can't hardly wait for the summer son oh it's gonna be a wonderful summer son

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