Sunny Gone

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Crazy to remember that frozen winter
Snow-bound by a lovely face
The quiet grace soothed me
The dark wine, the warm gaze
An otherworldly spell conspired to amaze
But like those winter days it wasn't made to last forever
And Sunny gone that way

Wiled to remember Stockholm December
A drunken choir
The ancient fire cooled me
Suddenly the spark flew off into the dark and left me there
As if she never knew me

A dark smile on a grey page
Like some faded photograph that someone tossed away
Someone tossed away
The silence still amazes me and Sunny gone that way

You ignored my letters, ignored my calls
Till there was nobody left for you to ignore at all
The only thing there was you and your prayers
And your silence says it all

The choir sang, guitars played
Fallen angels all across our universe that way
Like the Milky Way, its beauty still amazes me
And Sunny gone that way

Autor(es): Boz Scaggs

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