Sunset Woman

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Long-haired harlot she come a-dancin'
Eyes on her chances I know her kind
Ribbons of scarlet I seen 'em untangling
Wrapping around a poor boy's mind

Sunset woman, nobody needs you
You're a worthless woman
An aging overnight friend
Sunset woman, nobody needs to be drowned in a wishing well of sin

Rocky Road Tavern
Well, she's like a fixture there
Looking to pull a stare from the five o'clock crowd
Finding no takers for yesterday's paper
She leaves and takes the back door out


Lord, a mystery sighs in disbelief
She's leaving
Her youth was burned
The heads she once turned
Well, they were gone
And Lord, give her my smile
And a coat to a soul worth saving
Let's see for me she finds her way back home


Be drowned in a wishing well of sin
Nobody wants to be drowned in a wishing well of sin

Autor(es): Dave Loggins

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