Sun Shield

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Lost is the Divine Lady
Lost is the Lord
When times of oblivion
Are drowning our path into the unknown

Cosmic tree of life on fire
The ladders to the sky are burning in our hands
I was sent to save our ancient kingdom
And I will be the seeder of our lands barren wastes

Nagas! Reptilians! Behold!
The watery shield of hate will crush your bones
The sky will fall and the shadows will rise
Bacab will bless my legions for their sacrifice

Heavenly Load
The Nine Skies of the Sun
The Earthly Load
The Righteous Dynastic Lords

Come forth! Oh man! With you misery
Chaos and death as the Ceiba Tree is burning
Mighty Skybearers! On your throne of stars
Witness the rise of the city of Great Waters

As the next season of corn replaces the old
A Mask of life is crafted in the lord's wake
Jade ornaments are bestowed upon red stained bones
A sprouting tree reborn as the Maize God

The reconciliation of circle and square
The cube and sphere awoken as a divine guidance
Terrestrial Tree of Life, cyclical process
Through Nine sacred layers of telestial space

Autor(es): Aeternam