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sunshine, sunshine
brighten up my day
i love you always
sunshine, sunshine
never go away
stay right here with me

[verse 1:]
baby when you're around me you just can't do no wrong
everyway is the right way cause your love is so strong
and whenever i need you you're always right there
to let me know you love me and how much you care


[verse 2:]
at first it seemed so hard for me to find
finally that day came and my whole life changed
so beautiful true love has made my life
brung me happy days chased my clouds away

i believe the day you came my cloudy days swept away
goodbye to lonely days
and i know without you in my life is filled with rain
so stay right here with me

[chorus x2]


[chorus x2]

sunshine, sunshine, sunshine

Autor(es): Cheryl Gamble / LaShawn Daniels / Rodney Jerkins