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Yeah, Mr. M make the beat go
Boom boom boom Clap
Sound good
Got you special lady for tonight Lyn e toric
Don't test me I talk black see yeah check it

It's the first time I felt love by just looking at someone.
Your bright smile is blinding like the sun,
When I think about it, I get a bit nervous.
(My love keeps on growing) I can feel it.
(My one and only heart) Always smiles for you.
(I'll spend every moment with you) Even though it's still awkward.

Every time I see my eyes on you, I freeze.
I can't express my feelings so please read my heart.
It's very simple, I'm one special man
This is when reason and instincts separate.
Ha you know my thesis, I fly like a butterfly
I sting like a bee
I got the four faces hustle made two faces
It's time to go thu better rocognize as I say
It's time to go through a peace and I'm gone
E to the ric, You better recognize as I say.
No doubt about it.

When your innocent clear face wakes me up,
The moment you timidly kiss my cheek,
I'll be happy being in your unchanging heart.
(My love keeps on growing) I can't express it
(My one and only heart) I've never felt different
(I'll spend every moment with you) My heart keeps shaking
Speak with your heart.
At first I thought we were too young,
but now it's different.
No matter what anyone says, you're my everything.
I've only wanted you.
Everything stops when our eyes meet.
You and i have honestly wanted each other,
Our love is for eternity.