Adrian Belew


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I see you as a real live superboy
Wide-eyed at a world brand new
Cant wait to get your hands in the machinery
Make me think theres nothing you wont do
Welcome here, dear fearless superboy
Never bother with the training wheel
Off the sidewalk to the middle of the street
Look ma, no hands, no feet

Youre on a roll, you cant relax
A solid gold prize in your crackerjacks

Fly little superboy

I know you are a bonafide superboy
Looking through me with those x-ray eyes
No problem at the bottom of the ocean
Blasting off for the open skies
Welcome here, dear fearless superboy
We hope it was a pleasant flight
Touching base on the blue-green face
Another trip at the speed of light

Be patient son, we know youre bored,
Living here amongst us dinosaurs

Shine little superboy

Autor(es): Belew / Fetters / Nyswonger