Planet Gemini


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Oh the nights are calling,
Back into the womb I climb.
I'm forever stalking
Questions that are lost in time.
Days are always numbered
Search the truth but you can't find.
Hopefully the answers,
Standing in the alter prime

Can you help me
Cause' I think I've gone away
Gone but returning I'm floating and burning
I cannot find my way.
If I told you what your life was worth
What would you say?

This is your place of worship
a virtual machine,
Here you're just a number
And no one hears you scream
Give nothing but confession
A registry of faith
And dollars for salvation
This way you're always safe.

Can you help me
cause' I feel you have the light
Fearing and crying while screaming and dying
It's just another life. If I told you I could end all this
What would you say?

Let it obliterate you, this place that you don't know
fear of death enslaves you and it will never go
So please, place your faith in me.
and understand you can't pay to be free

Temple and an altar
a sac religious SuperGod
The sunsets now in heaven
And souls are lost by his façade
Could there be a future?
He says "Jesus saves us all in time,
but you're another loser, a hidden life leading the blind"

Won't you help me cause'
I feel you've lost your way
The screaming the dying the
whole worlds colliding
I don't know what to say.
If I told you what your soul is worth
would you give it to me?

SuperGod, Light your life on another day
SuperGod, Light your faith on another way
SuperGod, Take your pain away from me
SuperGod, Make your life another way.

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