Aimee Mann


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Oh, Susan, you were clued in
You knew just how this thing would go
A prognosis that was hopeless
From the very first domino
I guess I see it all in hindsight
I tried to keep perspective despite
The flash of the fuse, the smell of cordite

Now I'm in that place again
And I know he can't come in to get me
And someday he will live to regret me
Susan, I can see it now

Oh, Suzie, they get to me
They can really be wearying
But he threw me rope and buoy
Let me use his decoder ring
There must have been some kind of parade
We kissed for a while to see how it played
And pulled the pin on another grenade


Oh, Susan, the hope of fusion
Is that the halo will reappear
It may be pure illusion
But it's beautiful while it's here
I had some trouble with the goodbye
I checked my Roman candle supply
And watched the vapor trail in the sky


Autor(es): Aimee Mann