Blind Myself


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In a wonderland inside garbage heap
The perfect life form means a shit
The sun goes down with our tomorrow
I don't remember my mission, my roots.
We live just day by day
With any reason, with any skill.
We've left our brothers,
We've left our dogs
We never learn from our mistakes
Hey, suit guy hold my cross
Wake up now, wake up now…
We've killed or future for having fun
Erase my past, erase our past
Adrenaline's drumming my brain
My heart is beating with double rhytm.
I can do anything for us
I can't see the goal of my life
I can't hear the solutions
I don't know the finish.
Shame - shame - shame
Szégyen - szégyen - szégyen
How to be a human
A killed animal is a mirror
A killed child is a mirror
I hope the earth survives us