Swanee Shuffle

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The Benevolent Orders of the Flat-Footed Waiters
Gave their annual ball
With the price of admission only one half a dollar
They just crowded the hall
Flat-footing around
They suddenly found
An original movement that they call the Swanee Shuffle
It's for you and for all

Learn to do the Swanee Shuffle
Nothing to the Swanee Shuffle
Against the beat, you make your feet
Swanee Shuffle along

If they're flat just make them flatter
Like a pancake on a platter
I'm telling you, it's easy to
Swanee Shuffle along

Just imitate the way a waiter
Walks with a plate of chow
You needn't wait to do it later
Why not now? I'll show you how

Come with me where Dixie marches
Marches on its fallen arches
And see them Swanee Shuffle along

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