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On the brink of a worldwide cleansing
A blank slate for the throne of the dynastic
Razing the construct of existence
All of earth becomes a casket
Extermination of the useless eaters
An onslaught of staggering proportions
A strategy of disinfecting chaos
Death autonomous swarming
Technology conquering, targeting everything
Binary bio-weaponry, infecting humanity
Billions disposed in despotic war
Blood stains the sands of earth
Humanity opposed by robotic hoards
A campaign of well planned blood thirst
Man overcome by a bio-caustic storm
War waged and programmed to purge
Eclipse the sun in the chaotic swarm
Fire rains and the damned will burn
Slowly the resistance crumbles
Courage scattered with the ashes
Stripping skin from bone from muscle
Momentum turns to madness
Survivors flee to go underground
Hoping to avoid extermination
Apparatus altered to hunt them down
Ensuring human decimation
Anonymous killers, no accountability
Autonomous warfare, destroying humanity
Man gathered, under the mechanical sky
Exodus, into genocide
Holocaust, of genteel design
Transcending, immortal paradise