Sweet Italian Love

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[1st verse:]
Ev'ryone talk-a how they make-a da love
Call-a da sweet-a name-a like-a da dove
It makes me sick-a when they start in to speak-a
'Bout the moon 'way up above
What's-a da use to have-a big-a da moon?
What's-a da use to call-a dove?
If he no like-a she, and she no like-a he
The moon can't make them love

Sweet Italian love
Nice Italian love
You don't need the moon-a-light your love to tell her
In da house or on da roof or in da cellar
Dat's Italian love
Sweet Italian love
When you kiss-a your pet
And it's-a like-a spagett
Dat's Italian love!

[2nd verse:]
Ev'ryone say they like da moon-a da light
There's one-a man up in da moon all-a right
But he no tell-a that some other nice feller
Was-a kiss your gal last night
Maybe you give your gal da wedding-a ring
Maybe you marry, like-a me
Maybe you love your wife, maybe for all your life
But dat's only maybe

[2nd refrain:]
Sweet Italian love
Nice Italian love
When you squeeze your gal and she no say "Please stop-a!"
When you got dat twenty kids what call you "Papa!"
Dat's Italian love
Sweet Italian love
When you kiss one-a time
And it's-a feel like-a nine
Dat's Italian love!

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