Sweet Revenge

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Everybody out for my blood
Everybody want my percent
I don't want to start going off
I don't want to start talking shit
They just want to take what is mine
How much more can you get?
I already know what they want
I already know what they spent
Now maybe I think like a loner
But they looking for blood
I'm about to get what they owe
Gonna get back what they stole
Let me talk to the fans
Every time I walk in the door
They just wanna take my advance
But I won't stop till they know, walk with me now

When I retaliate
You're gonna know
The mourning
Of sweet revenge
The pain and suffering
Will come to those
When I get even
It's such a
Sweet revenge

I bet they won't
Stop till I quit
I bet they won't leave
Till I go
Ain't gonna
Hurt me a bit
One monkey won't
Stop the show
I've been through
Dirt and sand
Traveled to
Foreign lands
Been to hell
And come back
I ain't gonna
Go there again
Why they wanna
Cause me to trip
Why they wanna
See me take a fall
They wanna get
Something for nothing
Wanna see me
Jumpin' and runnin'
Let me talk to the fans
Never gonna stop doing this
Till I'm deep in the ground
I'm way too far to give in
Walk with me now

Autor(es): Chris Cornell / James Washington / Jerome Jroc Harmon / Timothy Mosley

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