Sword of the Earth

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I am the creator of devestation
I rule the underworld and all above
I am your maker and undertaker
Among you I have never walked

Despised I am - still mortals bow to me
My strength and wrath
Spawned of human hypocrisy
Indestructible I am - no wars will do

Untouchable I am - ruler of existence
Flesh is melted by my blood
When I breathe - bones are crushed
My roar for revenge - thunderbolts strike

Inworthy slime - wither and die
I am myself - no less no more
The symbol of might - the greatest one
My disguise is of many - you have never seen me

Among you I shall never walk
Weak and blinded, you believe in lies
My anger will dismember and devour you
I collect your souls and tear them apart

The sword of the earth I have become
I deny them
I demolish

The labyrinth of lies

I show no mercy
Betrayers are slain
Victorious and proud

Alone I stand
Resurrection through self-destruction
Like a snake
I am shedding skin

Cleansing myself

Autor(es): Aeternus