The Athlete

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On a racecourse,
There's a race to reach an end.
Someone's calling
The decathlon athlete's name.
Further focus
On the discipline applied
Or through constant shifts of exercise.
Quatre cents mètres,
Saut à la perche,
Mille cinq mètres,
Cent mètres,
Saut en hauteur,
Lancer du javelot,
Du poids
Et du disque,
Cent dix mètres haies,
Saut en longueur.
There's a battle between the athlete and himself
And between him
And the people there to help.
Their incentive
Is for the pressure to conceive
The ignition of another level of reach.
Do i want this?
Do i want this in my life?
Is it worth it?
Worth the sacrifice?

Autor(es): Erlend Oye

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