System of Values

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The morbid laughing is taking me over,
I'm madly loosing foam from my mouth
My past thirst today my killer is,
Today my "Lord" is laughin' at my pain!

And the vision of the power disappeared,
Has falled as the house of cards...
My synthetic system of values!
My great self!
But I still remember my dream -
Power and Might!
I dropped the chain of the sin,
I choose the Night!
Today in the hour of the death I'm all alone!
Where is the one, who took over my mind,
Where is my "Lord"?!

The deadly cold is penetrating me,
My hope has gone, I'm falling asleep,
But I will never, ever dream...

[Solo: Cola]

[Solo: SINgiel]
I thought I found the answers for all the questions,
I thought: "I am the chosen one, the chosen one!"
When you denied my faith, I splat it in your face,
I knew all!
My pride gave me the key, to all I really needed,
My heart was cold, just as I am now!

[Repeat pre-Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]