The Blood in My Hands

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Under a burning sky
Demise strays through the year
Decay casting light on shedding of leaves
The night
River silent shivers
As my lids will widen divine
Prayers silently whispered
Your eyes close your soul is mine

Atech malkuth
Ve geburach
Ve gedulach
Le olahm

And my wasted life
In a terrifying wink of time
Restlessly awaiting for
Benediction from my god divine
And the sky was blackened
As you turned your grace away
Doubtlessly expecting
My soul to be taken away

As i die
In a blanket white and clean
Angelic voices shiver
Like a graveyards silent scream
As the end is near and all i feel now is believe
Light of live endarkens
I command my soul to thee

Atech malkuth...