Take Me a Tip

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I gave you a tip
Yeah man I've told you
You didn't want to listen to me
Now you're in a hole

I'm already inured; don't wet me in this rain
Smart on this wave, I know the byways
Man I fell no pain

If a tip was so good, it wouldn't be given, it would be sold
You told me so trustfully, you looked so bold
Stuck on your own last but be careful
To trust doesn't hold you

A stranger frog doesn't croak on another fen
Always being a meddlesome who tries to change your plan
You made light and made fun of everything I've told you
I won't you tell you anything else, I'll let the time land a blow you

Cornered, cowered in the Wailing Wall
Now it's too late my brother it's no use avail to call me
Say hello to the truth, there's nothing else to do
Just wait for the day-by-day man and good luck to you
Hey, take my tip! Hey, take and keep it!

Autor(es): Tony Sheen