The Lucksmiths

Take This Lying Down

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I was looking for something
To soothe your aching head
Where did I put the recipe for breakfast in bed?
Three days stright, drinking late
Sleeping on the fire escape
And in that nightie – a flaming sypmphony in red

From your window
There's a breeze and there are views
There are trees and roofs
And streets with people on their way
On their way this afternoon
On their way but not a clue
That from the treetops they are begging you to stay

In bed today
In bed today
Rest assured, if you should ever feel the winter cold
Your comfortability will keep you warm when you get old

I invented something new
And if it's all the same to you
I'd like to take some time and try it out
I'd like to try it out on you
Maybe you should take this
Maybe you should take this lying down...

It's almost enough to give you something to think about

Autor(es): Mark Monnone

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