Eric Hutchinson

Talk Is Cheap

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Talk is cheap
And I should know
I've given my everything
And it wasn't close
People mean well
But still make a mess
From now on I'm listening
And saving my breath

Lately I'm losing my appetite
For all the pretty young girls and the socialites
Who just talk
And this is what we do we just talk

Watch 'em waste breath on a magazine
Or re-hash what the television shows all mean
It's just talk
And this is what we do we just talk

Some people don't know how they really feel
Some people won't talk about what is real
And I could never chit chat all day long
Some people just look for an open ear
Some people don't care what you wanna hear
And everybody's talking while they're stringing me along

I'll go by what you do
Cuz talk is cheap
And I don't wanna wait for you
Cuz talk is cheap
I don't know how you spend your time
But I’m done wasting all of mine
Cuz talk is cheap

Lately I'm tired of politics
And listening to the never ending arguments
That just stall
And this is what we do we just talk

Never known someone to change their mind
After a heated debate over the moral lines
We just crossed
But this is what we do we just talk

Some people get cute and they draw the line
Some people won't choose over left and right
And I can never stomach all that greed
Some people don't care enough
Some people get scared enough
To get talked into something that they think they should believe

Some people think action is over due
Some people can’t wait
We’ve got work to do
I’ll only speak of what I’ve done
Cuz talk is cheap
And if you’re listening everyone
Bite your tongue when you’re talking to me

Autor(es): Eric Hutchinson / Mike Elizondo

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