Joe Budden

Talk To Em'

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(Yo, Yo)
How many Mc's must get dissed?
How niggas still think they can still fuck with the kid? (OOO)
I guess I moved up in the world, duke is not happy
Take it as my success throwing shots at me (Talk 2 Em!)
Gotta calm the lions, tame shooters
Gotta catch a new body with the same ruger
We don't spit the same mucas (Naw!)
I'm a boss and you not, shit the even tried to kill Frank Lucas (Talk 2 Em!)
So nigga if I die tomorrow, you ain't gotta ask why tomorrow
Dog I done con the likes of niggas you shouldn't con with
Made bons with niggas you shouldn't bond with (Talk 2 Em!)
I'm sick world in my palm shit re-peated convict
While the dogs trying to con Vick, shit
I guess what I'm tryin say, is niggas die running like Ryan Shay (Talk 2 Em!)
All the Lean Me niggas, got high hopes call them Dream Team niggas
Gin is in my blood is a king gene nigga
I make you appear to be whatever I feel like Green Screen niggas (Talk 2 Em!)
So go and get suped off words, maybe do it for Jerz
Maybe dudes disturbed (Talk 2 Em!), maybe dudes no go, maybe dudes bezerked
So when I pull up in a tank maybe you deserve (Me!) (Talk 2 Em!)
I get into dudes character defects, before your deal you was a character reject
Humble pie when you see a character regress
Fuck ya tape homie, I pass it up, eject (Talk 2 Em!)
Time to seperate the real from the lies
The hills have eyes, but when the hill of ya demise
I reveal at the skies in a hot Ferrari
It's a new Joe in town and it's not Girardi (Talk 2 Em!)
Look, turn pink her face getting her Cam on
In the club man on, freak gettin her jam on
Hands on trying to put her hands on the ice
Cause it's Saw part 4 dog, big enough to stand on (Talk 2 Em!)
When did rappers start acting this fly
Say you top 5, they'll grab it and ride, but I'm humble
So even though I Am Legend, I can say Will Smith's the best rapper alive (Talk 2 Em!)
When they tell you, your doing ya thing
They taking your tampon out and pulling the string
How the fuck you a thug when you stay shook nigga?
More like a school boy, a facebook nigga (Talk 2 Em!)
I'm just straving this can't be greed
I'm not a drug lord, don't nobody hand me keys
Gotta drop a few branches off my family tree
Raised my sons all wrong, yes I'm Andy Reid it's me (Talk 2 Em!)
I can't put the jewels on without no chrome
I can't rock these Ice Cream's without the Cold Stone's
I'm so focused, get on some long nose shit
And I'll have the goons surround you on some Rose shit (Talk 2 Em!)
The more I get into, streets or instrumentals
Bum ass niggas remind me of Mr. Wendal
Me, on the horizen, I've been trying to bring pies in
More dudes then Verizon behind them (Talk 2 Em!)
Bunch of generals behind me, I'm the crew chief
Busting off my Ricky Davis, that's the new Heat
I've come clean about me and it's a damn shame
Only Religions I'm into is a brand name (Talk 2 Em!)
Campaign going full thortal like a race
Feeling Funkdafied get a bottle to the face
Face, for you times is rough too (WHY?)
Cause ain't nobody buying ya albums but you (Talk 2 Em!)
From the sounds of everything I hear you lost it
Still rap aight, but ya peers exhausted
Fuck ya bunch of money, put ya ego to the side
And maybe it's time to study ya understudy (Talk 2 Em!)
I mean, are we hustling or are we grown up?
Everytime I hear you, you changing ya tone up
When the new generation think about Jordan
All they remember is when Iverson crossed him (Talk 2 Em!)
Take off the blazer, lossing up the tie
Nigga fell in love and superman died
Better learn to cover ya ears when the toys pop
I hate ya last single (pause) Boys Roc
Can we hear some new niggas with promise?
The new generation won't forget you we promise
We'll always pay homage
But let's get one thing understood son
Every Encore ain't a good one! (Talk 2 Em!)