Slow Club

Tattoo of The King

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I saved up for two whole years to get
This tattoo of the king
Right across my heart

Right across my chest
Right about where those double bypass scars start
He smiles strange these days
He's looking at me now

I hear that guitar music is coming back here any day
So I look to the boys with their jaws on the floor
Trying to remember the moment
It went away
They smile strange these days

I don't wanna be the cheap wine
Waiting on your shelf
Don't wanna be the running joke
Just over your shoulder
Don't wanna be the reasons why
You learned to lie so well
I just wanna be
I just wanna be

Your daddy worked for the raf
You never stayed aroun for too long
You were good at making friends
Not so good at keeping them but
Were always able to forget them by the end of the song

To all of the lovers and all of the dreamers
Who dare not look down
To all of the debutants who've
Found themselves waiting it out
In the bullrushes of some backwards town
Don't give the game away
They want you in your place

I don't wanna be the one to whisper in your ear
Don't wanna be the faded entertainer you once held dear
Don't wanna be up all night working like a dog
But I sleep all day and take the evenings off

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