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Taxi-cabs, the sharks of streets
With fins of fire they troll for fares
The blond haired girls that roam in herds
And fix you in their golden glares

Hanging out with a new batch
And starting out again from scratch
You disconnect from your own crew
And keeping up is hard to do
Sell your past for a few grand
With paper signed in a false hand


Welcome back, hijack a stool
Your favorite bar with souls you know
And forward fast to four A.M.
A Nilsson disc covered in blow

Yeah, with fins on fire

The dark haired girls attack in trees
They cut your plays off at the knees
They meet you out in bars of foam
And drag you further from your home
You're out alone, out of your depth
And Satan laughed and Jesus wept


Hey, hey, yeah, I'm parked and trapped in taxi-cabs
Oh, whoa, whoa, you caught me in the aftermath
Yeah, yeah, there is no outline to grab
It's been segued and cut in half

With fins on fire
On fire

Autor(es): Local H

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