Ancient Rites

The Lament Configuration

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See- the waste...
His rancid stinking spunk, sparkling in the moonlight...

Torn apart by hooks, celebral lobes are emerging
from the cavities. Convulsive regurgitations
of decomposed entrails. The reek of putrefaction
corporal perdition fall upon thee.
Bludgeeoned th death, suppurating liquids,
I savour your skin...

Extemporaneous exploration
of the mass beneath the skull.
Countenance completely minced,
The cranial skin is excoriated.
Bulging eyes I pierce, scraping the cornea
Intersection of the carotid.

Extirpation of the dying pile of puke
Excressence of humanity, an organic cesspool
Androgynous propagation,
Of my pathological murderousness...

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