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Can't trust no one, for a life of my own, I'll destroy motherfuckers on their so called throne. nobody's innocent, that's just a big lie. I'll look out for my boys till the day I fucking die. You gotta look out for you and yours, and when the motherfuckers step, you gotta just cause. Destroy your enemies or they'll do the same to you, so watch your back and keep it raw, or you'll be through. So much shit, you gotta choose, stake your claim then make your move.
T.C.O.B. - Taking care of business
Welcome to my world, a labrynth of death and deceit. I've been on the frontline of the streets. Down and dirty, that's how I get did it the hardway, earned my respect. Use my negative energy to force my ways, all I know is that it passes the pain. Society's weight on my shoulders, criminal minded, can't control it. I do the things I can't explain, take my pride to the grave.
Your attitude, it sickens me, I'll turn away and let you bleed, see the other side of the gemini.

Autor(es): Skarhead