The Game


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Yo bitches td, yo niggas td
Yo bitches td, yo niggas td
Don't make us turn it up on you niggas right quick
Don't make me turn it up on
You bitches right quick
Ya'll niggas turnt down

They call me racked up shawty
Aka mc in backpack shawty
Louisiana all them niggas say whodie
But I'm from killa cali where they fuck with e-40

Killas with me so they know I got the 40
And they ready to bust in case you pussies get horny
So ready to play the game like a tourny
Compton california and I wear it like a jordan

The baby ain't mine bitch you on maury
Chain like the r.o.c shawn corey
She don't smoke weed she say the marijuana boring
But bitches get shit for the game robert horry

I'm high as shit I ain't with the metaphoring
Baby I'm trynna fuck that
Lick it make it dribble like a baller with six left
It's time to make a move like a rolex with six chicks

I'm fucking bitches I'm fucking bitches (like what)
I'm popping bottles I'm popping bottles (like what)
Hella racks in my trues
And the p on my snap back stand for piru

Bottle boys ho we ain't no babies
4Th of july g's raising those pagers
Legalized thugging bread like togo's
Go against mine I'm a snap like photos

R.I.p lil frog retired the polo
Ghost got dust on it bring back the low low
Niggas running up on the game cause he's solo
I'll beat yo ass like floyd did coto

Niggas talk swag I done bought more clothes than them
Can't talk bitches I done fucked more hoes than them
Real with every quote can't stand it with a podium
Smashing coupe his bro to be in

Free boosie
Cause that's what a nigga
Play when a nigga eat coochie

Her man never wear it out like a box of free stussy
With two chocolate treats and roses no tootsie
Bed with both of em crackin no footsie
Sick with the dick gotta stan no tookie
Imagine like she giving me the rookie
Gone on sight like reese did roochy
I'm on

Carousi body all gucci
Every nigga wanna eat that up raw sushi
Fine china gold digger 49er
See me with nana the baddest bitches at benihanas
Commas lawyers for the drama
Soon as you say "I'm a" niggas hit you with the llama
Swimming in that spade you get ate up by piranhas
Turn yo true religions into pajamas cause