Joey Bada$$

Teach Me

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Won't you teach me how to dance, how to dance
Won't you teach me how to dance, teach how to dance

Okay life's like, lifes like, just like a tango, tango
You gotta move that, move that, don't break an ankle, ankle
Tell me if you see me, see me from your angle, angle
I'll be your genie, genie, you be my angel, angel
Okay, how low can you go? A half million records sold
Soon as all the cash hit the floor
And I'm bout to blow
Rock your body, go back and forth
Party, you're at the fold
Hundred girls in the lobby after the show that I body
And after the show they prolly want to put forth for me
Put on a show for the Papi that I prolly want to see
So tell me what its gonna be she said
"This hunny ain't free"

Let me show you how to grove, babe
How to move about a suitcase
Take a trip without a shoelace
I can leave you if you want
Lemme help you move
Baby slide it, give you a little bit of guidance
Enjoy the ride, I'll be your pilot
You gotta glide it
Close your eyes, come fly, I'll show you how to vibe
Let me teach you how to dance, how to dance
I'mma teach you how to dance, how to dance, how to dance
Let me teach you how to dance, how to dance
I'mma teach you how to dance, how to dance, how to dance
Oooooh, oooooohhhhhh,
oooohhhhh, oooooooohhhhh

Okay now life's like, life's like, just like a salsa, salsa
You taste the spice right? Spice right?
We need some water, water
Lately been caught up, caught up, these steps need order, order
Bring it in closer, closer, let's combine auras, auras
Okay, right foot, left foot, let's go
Take my hand, take me below
Bring it on there
What you got in store?
Rise up, look back at it
One jab at it
And I sear it's so rough, it's a bad habit
How I made the pussy dance? How that happen?
We could call that magic
Say poof and our boots is tappin'
The sweetest taboo you practice
The sweetest juice that I have sip
I was raised by the Sycamore tree
I was told not to bite every apple I see
But somehow that's hard for me
Shorty make it clap, make it hard for me
Come grab the mic, spit a bar for me
Show me what you know, tell it all to me

Teach me how to dance and groove me out my pants
And my body through a trance and fuck we just like a sin

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