The Litany

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To feel the pain but still believe
To know your chains and still be free
To die to self but still survive
To cry with those who've lost their fight
To stand alone, if that's the cost
To walk your road, to bear your cross...

Oooohh... make me your fuel(2x)

To have my sins washed away
To have my doubts, but have your grace
From subtle love of softening things
From easy choices, weakenings
From all that dims my view of you...

Oooohh... make me your fuel(2x)

My depravation fascination, soul-contamination burn it up... just burn it up
My infatuation, all stagnation, self-congratulation
Burn it up, just burn it up...
Institutionalized discrimination my condemnation... burn it up


Oooohh... make me your fuel(2x)