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Hey we gunna be havin' some fun an'
Cuz two is better than one an'
Somebody kill the lights we doin
Shit Tonight Yeah!

Double the pleasures like, Double the fun,
How many licks does it take to the centre of a luda pop, double the tongues,
who knows,plus i gotta undress um, curress em, bless em,steady keep em guessin, if dat doesn't impress em then slowly move onto the second lesson,
whoa panties droppin body rockin' magnums poppin it's 8 cheeks and 4 tities ya'll better hand me somethin' hey ladies(whoa)on your mark get ready get set go, play for hours in n out da shower it's dick power we in control.


Six hands grippin the sheet, 30 toes a curled, what in the world is goin on till the break a break a dawn wit dat man and dem girls, cuz 3 hearts are beatin fast, but only 2 two people screamin, we cummin together for one cause other than hear ourselves breathin, get in the game n start workin it out n diggin it out n lean to the side n throw a dick in your mouth, you gotta get in the grove, you got nuthin to loose, so don't move till ya figured it out n keep makin dat face while i'm rubbin dem spots n we can take turns while the other one watch n see how good she be takin dem shots n wake up the hood till they callin da cops man!


Now i'm ready to rock n till you can get your tools n you can start the egnition, i'm grabbin perms, wigs, weaves, pony tails and extentions, not to metion dis is gunna get HOT, better come ready to sweat, i make women come harder than jaccuzzi jets and i'm willing to bet that i'll be keeping it wet cuz i feel ya, little bit of ring in the neck it wont kill ya, put me on the top or the bottom and i'll drill ya giv it how ya wanta get it to por feel ya and i'll peel ya back to back,so get ready for the mack attack, they got me thinkin it's some acrobats the way they bendin it from sac to sac because the mac is back because i'm gone!

Autor(es): Christopher Bridges / M. Davis