Escape With Romeo

Teargas Baby

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You dance like a demon
in my head
I followed your trails
and now I can never come back
Our love it could be so mean
you are the wheel
that rolls me to the guilotine

bye bye teargas
I can't cry no more

I'll never knew
what our relation could be
it's ending up
in brutality
locked up in sleep
locked up in lonely days
where my dreams explode
like a thousand grenades

bye bye teargas

I can't cry no more

"You walk in the room
spread your hate like a poison
I hate you with your teargas
as it comes over me and makes me cry
I say bye bye teargas"

the riots of my lust
you cannot beat them down
although your touch is hot now
it's gonna make mefrown
I'll speed to a life that's better
another culture anywhere
you're standing on the battlefield
it was me that left you there

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