Human Drama


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See the pictures on the wall
The glory of the faces
Who never understood at all
The power of the moment
Or where the moment could lead

When the power starts to fade
Weak, we start to tremble
It becomes an avalanche
We are overtaken by a feeling burning to get out

Our tears
There is nothing we can do to dry them

A starry sky tonight
Could turn to storm tomorrow
If it does we must be brave
We must live through it
Fear only kills if we allow

But the power of my love
Reaches farther then my touch
And it is more real
Then any trick your mind can play
And any trick I've been the victim of

Our tears
There is nothing we can do to dry them

If only I could carry you away
If we really were all we need
We'd have to create another place
That no one else has ever been
If only I could learn how to love
As strong as the pain I feel
I could dry our tears

There is writing on the wall
I know because I wrote it
Says it's ok to dream
And it's alright to promise
Just don't promise what you dream

Autor(es): Deodato