Tekkno Scene

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[Verse 1: Elliphant] (x2)
Said this could be a
Color crusher
Color rusher
Touch this tune see
See me sala
Bim bim be
Flush this room
Sploomin' through
Sara fallin' from the roof
Heaven is a layer singer
Yala linga yal

[Hook: Elliphant] (x8)
When I was fallin' around
In the mad
Tekkno Scene

[Verse 2: Elliphant]
Said like a busy bee
From bumbalee
Will suck
This juice
Hunter dragon jump up up
They fill the youth
Youth, they are drippin' from the clubs
They are!
Drippin' after drippin'
Damn you liquid linga yal

[Verse 3: Adam Kanyama]
Kakashi Sensei is what them all would have to
If not me then violent type of A-K
I'm okay just don't touch my hair
A place called everywhere
Erehwyreve [everywhere backwards]
1:45 is practice
Survival tactics
Best to defeat it
Dallas Mavericks
They draw through the sell out
Never saw them knocking
I perfer a pumpo
We can get it poppin'
That was for the dancers
Not to everybody
Every person has an answer
So when they ask if your cousin with a next black person too?
Tell em' fuck you
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 hands up in the air
Skipping 5, 0 cause nobody really cares
The tekkno thing is a foreign thing
I must be in the past
Bling bling

[Hook: Elliphant] (x8)
When I was fallin' around
In the mad
Tekkno Scene