Andre Nickatina

Tell Dat Ta Dummies

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I'm the new Jack Nino
On my own like C-Lo
Got carried away
Married to this game when I eloped
Gone, imma take it further I'll learn her
Soon as I turn her out
And there'll be no doubt that she'll be flippin like a burger
Now I'm just a two-steppin, Hugh Heffin'
Gotta watch for these groupies pull flukies
Just to get you naked
But imma a spit it, rap it
Til a young cat livin lavish
Your homeboy itch the scratch-it
I tell him get established, lean back
Trip off how they react
Nicky for strictly
Just for the sticky like the tree sap
Trixie got them
I let the beat blast time is money
Til then just miss me spit them lies Ta Dummies
Im genuine medicine, practice on my ettiquite
Represent the president Edison, feel to the elements (huh)
Your feelin trapped like a rat in a race
But slappin 5 cause a true rap cat in the place
Blow the purple, If not baby walk like Hershel
She can walk, run, long-jump, hurdle
Just leave the circle
Back on the blade after macin on stage
Don't hate cause I'm this
Tradin places wit me
Your livin days like a week
Every single toes on your feet
Gon' busy workin the streets
The co-co concrete
I got a plan it's get in and get out
And all my homies know what im talking about
Th-Th-Th-Thizz out

Man im classified a spitta in the game
I get the issue and the tissue
And don't cry about the fame
I spit a dart right through your heart
And see my life will come apart
I like to party in the dark
So baby how you gonna start?
The music's loud, I kick it live
And this is federal
So prime time
Half the time you open wide
And my reflection's in your eyes
It's like the liquor on the counter
Makin money by the hour
Getting cleaner than a shower
Standin out just like a flower
Get the flavor for the fantasy
You know it's me I'm greedy
No more hidin in the clubs
Because the bitches say they see me
I be chewin on the doublemint sometimes it's spearmint
I say I got a bottom but the hoes aint hearin it
I talk a lot of shit man spit the mix
Mint flavor in this rhyme
?I seen you hella times but Nicky T your hard to find?
Freak I'm never in a hurry, rollin getting money
I can see it in your eyes you like to spit these lies Ta Dummies
Man even when I'm quiet you can see your boss talker
My new turn out she got some ??? in the walker
She's rare as a flyin sauca, so I'ts gonna cost ya
And if I neva had ya then I certainly neva lost ya
Your killin me, freak who you wanna be?
Holla at the G-O-D, hey Nicky T

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