2AM Club

Tell Her Hi

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She wants me to get off the train tell her hi how i've been
Why i don't call her anymore
When i've been by her part town
Yeah her part of the night sky

Partly because i don't wanna fuck up my high
Even though id like to have kids with her
Have a son and make him a kid sister
When the rain pours down and the lights flicker

And i throw away a possible life with her
Cuz i'm in chi-town for another tour
In a hotel room with another whore

I don't really wanna say it but
I've always been a weak soul when a cheap touch
Come around looking like love maybe so

I been chasing what i've seen in the videos
When your chest might break from the butterflies
Circling your stomach hurting on the inside
But her stomach is just a bellybutton ring

And her brain is college boys and studying
And i'm in for one night and then gone
Troubled teens pass the pen for my theme song
And some nights i get my california dream on
Knowing youre trying your best not to move on
But i will understand when the dreams gone

And some boy puts his heart where i went wrong
And ill stand in the rain in cleveland
Hoping i can wash away these demons
Hoping you'll talk to me when i'm pleading
Yelling in the phone hoping that you're gonna leave him
Isn't it pretty to think so
Maybe we could have been perfect.