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I know what manners are
Hi, how are you?
I'm a taurus
What can you tell me about you?
Whatever comes out your fat mouth
You still like being trapped
So stop acting like you've seen it all
And show some damn respect

´cos i know what temper is
And what it can do
I know what hate is
But who the hell are you?

Blah blah brave, yeah
Blah blah tough
Well, what you know is not enough
You can't like me ´cos you don't know how
I insist that you move over now

I know how my mind is
Because fucking i use it
So get your nose out my business baby
Or you're gonna lose it
Didn't anyone ever tell you
You can't drink it once it's spilled
You better put an end to this
If you don't i will

Your envy always finds me
Whatever i do
And it doesn't really matter
There's more than one of you