The Purpose Is The Porpoise

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La la lala daa mmm subidoobopbop a bwee-aaah

Well there was just a little fishy swimming in the big blue
And got caught up in the packaging of some six mountain dews
He's spastic in the plastic
This is serious with a period, not a comma
Oh this is so much drama

Yeah the purpose is the porpoise
And we gotta put our heads together for this
To set this dolphin free.. yeah
Yeah the purpose is the porpoise
And we gotta move faster than a tortoise
Or else he will become the chicken of the sea

Yeah chicken, a-sticking, a-scheming, a-beaming
a-swimming, a-trimming, a-dreaming, a scene in
me, be, c, t, top flop, hip hop, sibidiby bop
mmm dolphin

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