Temples Of Infinity

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Pray to the setting the sun, that your nightmares just begun
Another place, another time, another life that's got no light
I know where your mind has gone
To the temples we all run
as if we all belong

Icy poison the beast is inside you
Phantom figure you can't come home again
I see reason just nothing but grandeur
cause your worlds full of sorrow and nothing remains
oh the venom they speak is your dying
as you choke on the blood of the angels that die

So, pray to the setting sun, another wicked war we've won
another peace, another way
we all must fall to rise they say
Let your enemy closer to strike him
Feels like no one can wash this sin away
In this coffin in which you've been hiding
it's a spiral decent into your shallow grave
I say heaven is ours for the taking
I say nothing could hold up our spirit so high

as what we have inside
until the day we die

and now I see the light
I look up to the sky
Angels around me fly
The end of time
Leaving so… soon

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