Down With Webster


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Ten for me
Ten, Ten, TEn, ten for me ten for me
Yup, we had to do a song for Kap, haha
Still looking like I'm ten, but I'm steady getting ass
Attended university but never went to class
Yea I slipped my teacher ten after ten so I passed
Now I'm rapping, drinking 40's, smoking blunts and getting mashed
Yea I'm looking for a girl type 10 or a dime
Bets to be a balling chick and get on my grind
But if you ain't down with ten don't pretend to be
I got a whole parade of ponies yelling 10 for me
Yo I be sloppy bro, copy that
10 4 holla back
Saucy got her bottle back
So where the fuck the party at
Some people holding back
Hold koala packs
Loaded with the 40 sac an odie and a phony's hat
And I control the track
Hit it once I hold the bat
Hittin blunts I'm holding that
You light it up, I blow it back
Burst you like a bubble when i come in the track (POP)
And now you in trouble cause d-dub will roll you flat
My life is ten
My flow is ten
My show is ten
You know it's ten
So if you ain't down with webster, don't pretend to be
I got the whole crowd throwing up a ten for me
Ten for me x3
Ten ten ten, ten for me ten for me (until music fades out)

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