Peter Hammill


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Nothing I can say, but this much I can do:
if you want I'll stay and be with you.
Just let the tears flood down and, yes,
I can offer you tenderness.
What is gone is gone, it can be no more,
so we must move along and close the door.
I'm not his match, this I confess -
but still I offer you tenderness.
No more, no less:
I can offer you tenderness.

He'll stay with you, I know...
now's the time to remember and let go.

Life will turn around though now it's growing dim,
although you feel the light's gone out with him.
Cry out all your tears, you loved him best -
still I offer you tenderness,
no more, no less;
deep in your distress
I'm here to offer some tenderness.
I'm here to offer you tenderness.
All I can offer's tenderness.

Remember and let go.

Autor(es): Peter Hammill

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