Ten O'Clock Shadows

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Last page for the voice
I request, in the half light
Even now the ten o'clock shadows
Lead you to the country side
And the big rocks, and the pasture
With the stars winking a smile
Love in the clear wafting cool
With your jacket flapping in the breeze
And the evening is a good place to lie down
And let the music play
Again roaming through the hills
In the market place, some where behind
And the tools, all on the shelf
And the wheels turning some other time
While your only thrill is the night
Stars winking hello
I know you and you're welcome to my realm
Granite rocks and green tufts of pasture land
Rolling hills hide the day
In their night time splendor
And went, in article of faith and time
And place
One after the other
Go to the granite halls
And the iron spikes
Crying "Who dares keep my steps here or there?"
I've gone through the ages, spent
And recommend in the almighty name
And rolling in the starry night
In the green blades and black speckles