The Saviour

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One night
He comes down to earth
With red white wings and full of hope
His mission is
To save the world
He don't know
That we won't be saved

And he tries and tries
To stop all the wars
He has no chance
Cause war is what we need
He has to watch
How we kill each other
He can stand it anymore

I'm your saviour can't you see
How can you live this way
Please my earthlings come with me
There's no use for you to stay
I have to take you far away
To a better place
I destroy the earth today
No chance for the human race

He takes away
All the earthlings
He cleans the earth
From this human fills

And then he destroys the planet
He blows the earth away
We had our chance
But we didn't use it
We are not good enough to live

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