Rosanne Cash

The Truth About You

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I know the truth about you babe
I know the stories you tell
I can fell your heart locked up inside you
I swear I know you so well

When the wind blows out across
the water
And we stand here in this light
All our secrets fall like
raindrops between us
And I know the truth tonight

I know the truth about you babe
I can feel it through your hands
I can touch it when I'm sleeping
I can love it when you can't

And if our ships sail on to distant places
And our memories burn and fade
I might say I loved a man just like you
But I know the truth today

I know the truth about you babe
Where you've fallen, where you stand
Where your walls still come between us
Where you take it like a man

Autor(es): John Leventhal / Rosanne Cash

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