The Water

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The sun has long since set
Dusk is blown like a net
I can barely see your face

The conversation starts to sway
And everything I came to say
Seems so small and out of place

I'm helpless around you
Helpless, helpless
Oh, tell me what's it about you
It surrounds you

You've got to…
Take me under the water
I don't want to come up till tomorrow
Take me under the water
The water

Intoxication from you skin
Makes me want to breathe you in
Pay my dues another day

So I take it on the chin
Caution thrown to the wind
When you talk to me, talk to me that way

Oh, want you to…


Who am I?
To think I could fly without getting wet?
Who am I?
One of these days, I'll have to decide


Autor(es): Venice