Heavy Trash

That Ain't Right

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That Ain't Right
One of these days you gonna forget me
One of these days you gonna be free
One of these days the sun gonna shine
Wake up in the morning you'll be fine
Say goodbye to what was
Daddy's gone just because
You took me for granted never cherished my love
Now one of these days there's no more us

But until that day arrives
I'm gonna make you scream and cry
I'll hurt you like a dog
You won't howl in the night
I'm gonna treat you bad
Because our love has truly died
That ain't right

One of these days you gonna get over
Go and find somebody new
Try to make a brand new start
Well that what's everyone else would do
When I broke your little heart
You must be twisted up your mind
Like the moon behind the trees
One day you gonna see
Realize your life is just a waste of time

Muscle and bone, muscle and bone
We are all made with muscle and bone
Bone break and the rest will wither
I'll make you wish you'd never been born
But you'll keep on living

One of these days you're gonna feel better
One of these days you'll go on stop crying
You won't feel my hand grip your heart
But don't hold your breath don't be smart
One of these days but it won't be soon

Autor(es): Matt Verta-Ray