That pt. 2

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i remember he told me...calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down

ya,god forgets my soul when im doing bad
the pain im feeling when living life too fast
so calm down with the words that i heard last
my ear drums are still numb from the first blast
i couldnt turn back past the grave into my head for the dead
putting ash in graves
and i smoke with the spirit so feel me rise
over clouds for now up until we die, its like that
i set off through the star spangle
looking for a light to guide me to an angel
gotta be smart and hide behind all the answers
when everythings dark my heart is full of anger

i rather be a bull for a day than a goat forever
my life is a joke so whatever
man prime time reason and rhyme, you know the rhyme be the reason
sling shots and chuck taylors, its the season
there is no state of the art or no special effects
its just money, politics, and these projects
can you imagine yo a playboy thats kickin it live
but in his own damn mind yo hes doin time
now thats deeper than the craters on the moon
crushin up weed in the back dressing room
i hate to be greedy but i love to be greedy
i hope the little god love me but dont be me
i do it like a gene, blaze in a beenie
life time kahn tracking no you cant free me, queezy

ya we live and die its all for the cash flow
dont give replies, im high and we act cold
i dont know why i couldnt explain
lost focus of the love in the innocent way, live for today
hey im escape to the music, to try to make up for all the wrong that im doin
i swear i know better, but so far gone
and no gaurd hear the cry out in every song
its upon everybody through moods of stars
rise and fall im there with my open arms

man its such a rush that i get when the money is spent and all the dope is lit
man this is how i repent, i keep a devils eye on tigas that spit to gip[?]
and is it true when the afta like the souls a drip
thats kamakazi logic, man the ghetto is the topic
you trying to cop it, you gotta sell it then you drop it
its like its hot cause if its not then the plot starts to thicken
im sorry but moneys a religion, fly like a pigeon
man whats your decision? the homies is waiting in the filmoe division
rap like living, fast cars driven, its something like prison
but this is how we listen, listen

Autor(es): Equipto

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